Donna Fontenot

“For the last two days (Thursday and Friday), I was at the It's My Time To Rise Woman Christian CEO Business Institute, (9 to 5), learning valuable information about how to: create my very own signature Training Program(s), how to re-brand, and re-launch my D. LAVEESE EXCLUSIVES Life Coaching Business. As well, I received some excellent agency referrals that can assist with undergirding my business and clients. (I will conclude- to receive my Certification in January 2020, when I complete my last class sesson.) Yes! Ms. Sheya Atterberry-Chisenga is the "Task Master", as was said. She can truly help you to enhance your business Vision! this I very much needed to mature into greatness! This course of study is very intensive and stretchhhhes you! Never-the-less, I did not come to play anyway. I came to WORK TO WIN against all odds! If not now, when? IT'S MY TIME TO RISE! Thank you Jesus and Ms. Sheya for God 's annointing that flows through her Coaching Leadership.”