Heather Johnson Smith

“Before participating in Sheya’s WRITE, COACH, SPEAK PROGRAM, my book sat in wait for two years with only a Table of Contents.

During the WRITE, COACH, SPEAK PROGRAM, I received a clear format of how to structure my book, established deadlines with accountability, incredible non-stop encouragement to keep moving forward, and all the steps necessary with the network of professionals provided by Sheya to bring my book to fruition.

As a result, my book “Skipping with Bricks” was written in three months and published with a beautiful cover from the collaboration of three graphic designers, and a wonderful godly Christian editor, Bettye Calloway. “Skipping with Bricks” launched on Amazon in paperback and Kindle on February 15, 2019, despite breaking my dominant arm and my editor breaking her finger during the editing process! In less than three months since the launch date, I have sold enough books to clear half of my $1800 financial investment! Within days after launching “Skipping with Bricks,” I received feedback that my life story is already changing lives!

Since then, my life coaching private practice BEYOND THE HORIZON COACHING, launched on May 9, 2019, with the vision of implementing THE UPPER ROOM COACHING CENTER, similar to Sheya’s business model of IT’S MY TIME TO RISE BUSINESS INSTITUTE. I have trained a network of life coaches eager to participate in this new adventure. My steps in moving forward are:

- Build my life coaching clientele to secure financial stability

- Develop and launch life coaching workshops, with life coach supervision and mentoring beginning July 1, 2019

- Plan a benefit event for the lease of The Upper Room as our coaching facility (lease available in Fall 2019)

- Market the Ticket to Ride Electric/Acoustic Beatles Cover Band event for Saturday, September 28, 2019

- Secure lease for The Upper Room and launch a Grand Opening to the clients, coaches, and community of Butte County.”