Dr. Jackie Evan Phillips

“Sheya's Coaching has brought me to the very next level. Before participating in her program, I had a tug in my heart for greatness but didn't know where to start. I followed up with her, and I exploded into my new dimension of purpose.

During her program, I received steps in establishing my business Life Changers Consulting. I was able to narrow down my focus and zone in on my niche clientele and purpose in the marketplace. A significant part of her coaching was helping me understand my worth and value to determine the cost of my services. Finally, to top it off I have become an author who has expanded my platform tremendously, launched my signature coaching program and created a book compilation to help others also become authors.

As a result, I have expanded my clientele and expanded my profits within one year by 100%. Sheya is truly a blessing, and I am thankful for her gifts and abilities as well as believing in me.”