Natasha Miller

“Coach Sheya is awesome!!! I have only been working with Coach Sheya for two months and I have been able to triple my income!!!  Sheya showed me how to have my signature talk that speaks to my main niche.  I gave my signature talk twice a month for 1 hour and in 2 months I was able to exceed my goal and fill my class!  Before working with Sheya I would have my signature talk, but it was not consistent and as a result I was not meeting my goals.  Sheya has been God sent and a true blessing to me and business!  If you follow the steps that Sheya provides you will be able to increase your revenue! I also fulfilled one of my dreams I am new publisher author in the book collaboration “Stand Up Be Heard Volume II” If you are thinking about joining the now is the time! Sheya knows how to get your business to the next level. She has helped me to get a plan in place and see the results.”